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The tassel common item for this year is more rules of rectangular handbags.
This problem at first glance it sounds like asked me "how to lean into a bolt of lightning, all at once?" Day and night with a bag, it sounds a bit exaggerated, but after you edit in the editorial brainstorming, it is concluded that the "big bag set of bag, is still a bag" solution.
The function of large handbag is obvious and necessary for office workers. Whether computers, files, jacket, a pair of flat shoes can even back. Which, of course, want to add a handbag, it is best to envelope style of Wholesale Michael Kors handbags. It can be equipped with wallet, mobile phone, or when a temporary cosmetic bag can also. So whether it's lunch break or after work party activities, handbags can lead, large handbags can have a rest. If special wisdom to choose a hand carry and shoulder dual-use large handbags, it becomes "yi tuo three", on collocation have more choice.
Function achieves the effect of kill three birds with one stone, style also can't get on. In fact, this autumn Michael Kors Purses bag style of a few big characteristics should seize it won't lags behind, the most prominent is the return of the thick chain. Wide mad, this year we will choose the best still take some interest, color and the modelling is a good place to show the design of the chain. Is no longer the polished gold or silver, color can be yellow, marca dragon, chain can also be a horseshoe buckle.
Rivet, cartoon modelling, long tassels Michael Kors Outlet style is not refund fashionable hot autumn choice, but have slightly change. Rivet bag had better choose handbags, but also is no longer a wild full Michael Kors Handbags package are all a hotchpotch of decorative metal rivet, local rivet is the new favorite autumn this year. The cartoon characters had better choose the envelope or style of the cuboid, as for the design or temporarily put down the flamboyant style. Long on the tassel decoration must be in large bag to see, but they often tassel has always been on the western style of saddle bag. Into this year both bucket shape, and the rules of the rectangle bag, are tassel can elegant place.
This fall is not only the ripe, "dark horse" also emerge in endlessly, ladder type bag and have irregular line decoration handbags are popular. Has only a little pure and fresh and Taylor Swift are reluctant to give up the ladder type package finally attracted the attention of the public, Rihanna from young to mature Eva Longoria all love it. Practicability of another "black horse" is clearly decreased, how is the dinner of Cheap Michael Kors handbags will have irregular line, but such a fancy design can also be set inside the bag as a temporary cosmetic bag Michael Kors for sale.
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